2010s Smartphone Screens are the New 1950s Tail Fins

I don’t know who this Dustin Curtis guy is (I’m sure he returns the favor), but he’s absolutely right. The ever-larger screens on (non-Apple) smartphones are ever-less ergonomic and ever-more ridiculous.

image from Dustin Curtis

The bigger the screen, the more impossible one-handed operation becomes.

It’s another case of companies getting into an arms race over “who can make the biggest x” without any regard to why. Where have we seen this before?

If they’re going to make phones with ever-bigger screens, they should take care to design the UI to improve one-handed use, as suggested by Itai Vonshak‘s awesome Emblaze UI design:

Thumb-centric design

Itai works at Palm now, btw 🙂

H/T to my friend Jon Tzou for sending this my way


And the best tweet ever on the subject comes from Sebastiaan de With: