I moved to San Francisco in fall of 2010. After spending the first two years of my post-college adult life in the hustle and madness of India, I thought I would be settling in for a period of relative calm and certitude in life.

Boy was I wrong.

Almost 6 years later, I’ve worked at two companies that allowed my career to soar even as they crashed and burned. I’ve learned so much of work, of love, and of life, my days on earth forever enriched in experiencing all three at their best–and their worst.

(I also lived in the same apartment the whole time. Thanks, rent control).

Like a self-absorbed startup getting acquired or shut down, I will look back at this, “our incredible journey,” with fondness, regrets, a little wonder, and above all, gratitude.

Thank you to the employers who took a chance on me and allowed me to grow.  Thank you to the amazing people who made my time in San Francisco so unforgettable.

Now I am moving to London, where I will be taking a new job as a Product Manager at Badoo, a dating app company (and owner of Bumble).

Truth be told, if you asked me a year ago, this is not how I would have imagined things turning out in my life. But that’s what life does, doesn’t it? It surprises and changes you, sometimes for the worse. But hopefully, in the end, all for the better.

Here we go!


“More migrants!” Londoners cheering my arrival


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